Recording DAY ONE (10/1/11)

Mon 10th January

And so it begins….

Hallo fair reader.

Today marks the start of The B of the Bang beginning the recording of album number 2. This blog will provide an insight into the making of said album…the giddy highs, the manic lows, the tantrums, the tears and the slapstick pratfalls.  If you’re new to tBotB then welcome aboard…glad to have you. If you’re a regular follower then we’re very happy to announce that 2011 sees a fine, lean, fighting fit bangwagon raring to go…so let’s meet the cast shall we? Yes? Yes.

The Players:

Ox – (aka Benjamin Ottesen, Ochs, Oppenheimer): In charge of the lowest notes in the band, his slap bass rendition of the snooker theme tune could render grown men to teary mush. His beatbox skills are mighty and his heart is solid.

Rhodes – (aka David Rhodes. The Nose. DMR): A man who, given a guitar, can coax such noisy beauty as to demolish buildings or send a butterfly to sleep with a deft fingerpicked F sharp. Also makes a mean chilli and can fix an aeroplane. Swish.

Elliott Gregg – (aka Elliott Gregg. Elliott Gregg. Elliott Gregg): The fella with two first names. He bangs the drums and he does so with glee. His consumption of wine from the bottle is unparalleled and he also made some sort of electronic music device out of cardboard. That’s proper.

Wit – (aka Christopher Whitear. Father Scowling. Beardy): Myself, a one-in-a-million, good-looking musical genius that, everything he touches turns to pure gold. Or an accident-prone imbecilic cretin that can barely tie his own shoelaces and resembles a dishevelled Daniel Beddingfield with a hangover. You decide.

Rox – (aka Roxanne Johns, ROOOOOOOOOOOOOXANE, Roxy Music): Her tinkling on the ivories has been compared to Chopin, Bach and Les Dawson. Bringing a touch of class to The Bang by being the only member who doesn’t look like they’ve been found in a railway station gently weeping.

Jackamus – (aka Jack Malpas-Coker, Jackamooth, SHUT UP DOW): An enigma that only exists in our imaginations and the possibly made up town of Sherfield-on-Loddon. You give him any instrument and he’ll play it, sir. Often the wrong way round. Most Greek.

So there you go…there will be other major characters in this story and they will be introduced as and when but for now that is an introduction….a prologue if you will….

Here follows some select cuts of movie-film from our first day in the studio. We managed to just about make the equipment vaguely work for just about long enough to get 4 guide tracks down. Titles, themes, lyrics and the like will be posted here sure enough but for now…hold on tight…here we go…

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  1. You jokers…..”Footage” whilst filming some Footsies! Sounds like a fetish. Marvellous 1st Vid of what you really get up to in the studio when you are ‘hard at work’ – I’m glad my muffins made an appearance too…..50p they were. Thats about 4.2pence a muffin. Bloody Bargain.

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