Recording DAY THREE and a bit (18th-20/01/11)

Thursday 20th January

Drummy drum drums. A day of ups and downs. Recording drums is a bit like sex. The excitement builds as you prepare, you set up your equipment, you get everything perfect, you get stuck in, you realise there’s a problem, you get annoyed, you have a rethink, things get tense, you get in a right old cop, then miraculously you’re away and it’s the most natural thing in the world, you get more done than you’d imagined, you’re smiling and then……………it’s all over and you have to pack everything away and clean up.

5 tracks in. (another title to add to the four from our last entry…’Bring You Back’.) Good going Elliott Gregg (although he did throw his drumsticks at one point. These tempremental artistes eh?) The fact that we got anything done at all is due in no small part to the next character I’m going to introduce to this fairytale.

Neil Elliott – (aka Nelly. Himmler. Tennis Ball Head.)

Our George Martin, The Colonel and Andrew Loog-Oldham all rolled into one. Actually, he’s like none of them. He just records us and tells us to do things again. And again. And again. And again. He’s a beautiful man though. Unless he’s wearing a mankini. That is a frightening sight forever engrained in my minds eye which you, dear reader, will just have to imagine for yourself. Though I wouldn’t recommend it.

At the moment, we’re laying down the basic stuff. The foundations, if you will, on which we will build glorious, towering aural structures that will be sumptuous feasts for your earholes. Or you might weep at our inept, dismal musical failings. That’s the gamble you get with The B of the Bang yeah?

The reason so far that it’s mainly me (Wit. Hi.) and Elliott in these videos is because we work together at a studio. We literally have nothing better to do with our time. That will all change soon though and you can behold the glory of the other members of TBOTB in their full wonderous entirety. What makes them tick? Why? What is their favourite mid-morning snack? These questions answered and more….same time… time….

As an extra treat, heres a short video introducing the ideas behind the new album…

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  1. That video was excellent. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to sit around doing nothing while I watch Elliott set his drums up. Very pleased.

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