Some Live Footage for your Ears and Eyes.

So we played at The Rhythm Factory t’other day (14/4/11) with our good friends REVERE (incredible band – and also the rather splendid Her Name is Calla. It was a most pleasant eve and a young lady, cryptically called Boudicca, filmed some of our set so here it is:

‘Sharks of the Atomic Atoll’

‘Film Noir/Reykjavik 101’

‘The Forest’

The whole thing is over here if you wish to have a look-see…

I’m off to listen to The Stills on repeat as I’ve just heard they’ve split up….rubbish…they were an incredible band so go look them up after you’ve watched our vids. THEN DO SOME WORK AND STOP SKIVING!



This hazy golden morning brings both good news and bad news in Camp Bang (oo-er missus…)

Let’s start, as they always do in films, with the bad shall we? Our beautiful bass man Ox has decided to follow the ways of the Blood God Khorne and dedicate himself full time to painting Warhammer models. The thing is, he paints all of them to have his own face. This is a little worrying I feel….

Of course, he hasn’t really…I jest…no, our Ox is off on a voyage of self discovery learning the twin mantras of Reggae and Folk. This, alas, leaves him no time to administer his taut, coiled low notes to us bunch of chancers so he’ll be stepping down after our next couple of shows….sniff sniff….they grow up so fast….

We would like to thank him for all his lovely efforts and the fact that he introduced the almighty drink of Brothers & Gin into the band.


Now the good news. For every cloud has it’s silver lining. The departure of Ox leaves some pretty daunting shoes to fill (if a shoe can indeed be classed as daunting…). However, there is but one man alive who I feel can deftly and sexily fill those very shoes. We introduce the next character in our strange and wonderful fable:

KEEF (aka Keefy Beefy, Tom Fossum, Good Evans) – Yes oh yes. No-one can shake a fringe like he can. No-one can sport a Wrestling T-Shirt quite so nonchalantly. He provides the bass for The Dawn Chorus and his solo Nordic Football themed Tom Fossum project. He brings with him his faithful guitar lead Curly Sue and frankly we’re very lucky to get him this late on in the transfer window. There are a few agents fee’s to sort out and a clause that allows him to opt out of European games but dagnammit it’s good to have him on board.

So, a brave new future beckons once more. Get yourself down to one of the following shows to see off The Ox in style won’t you?

APRIL 14th – The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel (w/ Her Name is Calla & Revere)

APRIL 23rd – Lennons, Southampton (w/ Thomas Tantrum)

MAY 1st – Acoustic set @ Edge of the Wedge, Southsea (w/ The Retrospective Soundtrack Players)

Until then, you can see the big man in action one last time here where we were all very hungover due to consumption of aforementioned B&G’s. Filmed by the excellent HiveLocal, this is a new song called ‘Bungalow Town’.




The B of the Bang are April Fools…

Just in case any of you did believe the last blog entry…we haven’t really split up to indulge in Moussaka farming etc…it was all a silly rouse, a fanciful escapade, frivolous shenanigans and carefree whimsy…

Onwards. And upwards.

So today’s vid is called Day 4. Not sure why as it was filmed over about a month. Perhaps a day on Jupiter? Lets just call this entry ‘Day 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…etc…’ shall we? All clear? No? Good.

Lots o’ fun and frolics had here. Starting with, as always, a cock up. Had a lovely productive day laying down some ‘fresh, next level shit’ (or something…I don’t really know what that means…) only to discover after several hours that I had the guitar in some ridiculous tuning. Whoops. Start again.

So, the following moving images contain snippets of several new numbers. Namely, they are:

All Our Days Are Wasted
Sharks of the Atomic Atoll
Bungalow Town

It also shows our penchant for dipping into dodgy classic rock tracks or smooth 90’s G-funk whenever a camera is around. We really must stop that.

Many thanks to:
Roland and Ravenous Promotions at The Wilmington Arms, London.
Everyone at The Haymakers, Cambridge
Chris and all at The Guestlist, Express FM
Mark and HiveLocal (who filmed a sneaky peek video which we’ll show you soon…)
Harry for just generally hanging around

More silliness…same time….next time….