The B of the Bang are April Fools…

Just in case any of you did believe the last blog entry…we haven’t really split up to indulge in Moussaka farming etc…it was all a silly rouse, a fanciful escapade, frivolous shenanigans and carefree whimsy…

Onwards. And upwards.

So today’s vid is called Day 4. Not sure why as it was filmed over about a month. Perhaps a day on Jupiter? Lets just call this entry ‘Day 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…etc…’ shall we? All clear? No? Good.

Lots o’ fun and frolics had here. Starting with, as always, a cock up. Had a lovely productive day laying down some ‘fresh, next level shit’ (or something…I don’t really know what that means…) only to discover after several hours that I had the guitar in some ridiculous tuning. Whoops. Start again.

So, the following moving images contain snippets of several new numbers. Namely, they are:

All Our Days Are Wasted
Sharks of the Atomic Atoll
Bungalow Town

It also shows our penchant for dipping into dodgy classic rock tracks or smooth 90’s G-funk whenever a camera is around. We really must stop that.

Many thanks to:
Roland and Ravenous Promotions at The Wilmington Arms, London.
Everyone at The Haymakers, Cambridge
Chris and all at The Guestlist, Express FM
Mark and HiveLocal (who filmed a sneaky peek video which we’ll show you soon…)
Harry for just generally hanging around

More silliness…same time….next time….




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