Shabbey Road Sessions – Number 3

Hey, hi, ho followers of le Bang. Hope this Friday finds you spiffingly well?

Here be yet another blog packed full of vitamins, minerals and other health-giving goodness for you. A bit like a pint of Guinness.

The new album, what with it being a rock opera about ‘love, death and mental illness’ is taking more time than we thought but hey….perfection takes time doesn’t it? A bit like a pint of Guinness.

The songs we’ve recorded so far are dark and stormy but with a hopeful, yearning, frothy white top. A bit like a….you get the idea. Guinness, if you’d like to get in touch re sponsorship….we’re open to offers.

A quick list off the top of my head of things that are inspiring the writing and recording of the new album.

Hugely under-rated 90s TV show American Gothic

The writing of Martin Amis

Electro shock therapy & Victorian asylums

Strange dreams about a parallel 1930’s Asia

Twin Peaks (always)

Iceland (the country, not the Kerry Katona endorsed shop)


Serial killers

Guinness (come on…get in touch…)

The writings of JG Ballard


Pan’s Labrynth

Unfulfilled human potential

The feeling that something isn’t quite right

Hugely under-rated 90s TV show Eerie Indiana

Weird medical practices from bygone days. Bloodletting, lobotomies, leeches….y’know the score…

The Wicker Man (not the Nicholas Cage one…Christ no…)

The writings of Cormac McCarthy

The end of the world

Laugh-a-minute stuff eh? Actually, the music itself is probably chirpier than ‘Beginning. Middle. End.’ (well, some of it…) – I’ve always liked the juxtaposition of lyrics full of melancholy and despair set to jaunty pop tunes. Basically, there’s a linear (sort of…) story and a recurring group of characters that thread through all of our new music…it’s more like an unfinshed soundtrack to an unwritten movie. I’ll stop rabbiting on and post some vids here eh?

First up – ‘This Will All Be Gone Tomorrow’

Next, I found the ‘effects’ button on Photo Booth….’Never to be Seen Again’

And finally, lets finish with a cover of one of my favourite ever songs shall we? I’m unsure as to why I’m sporting this Russian style hat teamed with a cowboy shirt. It seemed suitable.

nb I’m seeing Bjork at Iceland Airwaves on my birthday this year. I am more excited about this than is good for me.

Ta ta for now lovers.


Shabbey Road Sessions #2

Entries in this blog are like buses….you wait a while then have to pay £3.40 to get a return to the chip shop. Or something.

Here’s a few more vids…I rarely leave the confines of my flat (if at all possible) so expect more of the same in the coming weeks. Just call me Strickland Banks (nb you have to be somewhat ‘down with the kids’ to appreciate this reference…however, you’re reading this blog so that makes you at least 70% cooler than most ordinary folk…I expect you know what i’m rabbiting on about…) if not, send an email…BUT NOT TO ME. God, no.

First up – an unreleased song that’s been knocking about for a while. It does actually have a proper ending…I just messed it up here. It’s called ‘So Scared’ and was written as part of an unreleased soundtrack of Bang songs for an unreleased film. We’re so cutting edge, we don’t even RELEASE stuff anymore. You just have to guess how it sounds…

The film is called ‘Before Your Eyes’ and has been written by the uber talented Pinter Moments chaps. They’ve been good friends of ours since the early days (they made the ‘Lung’ video don’cha’kno…it’s been downhill since then really…) and the script is rather lovely…perhaps one day it will see the light of day. Potential investors, send an email. TO ME. God, yes.

Talking of me messing up…here’s a cover of the wonderful Patrick Wolf song ‘House’. I’m beavering away there on the mandolin but I only really know 3 chords and this had 4 so excuse the faffing. I suppose I could have re-recorded all this stuff after a couple of practices but where’s the fun in that eh? Everything in the Shabbey Road Sessions is 1st take or not at all. Much like life. Deep stuff.

So there you go…I’m gonna bung the ol’ vid of ‘Lung’ up here too just because it’s good (showing that, if we pull our fingers out, we can actually achieve something) and talking about it made me watch it for the first time in a couple of years. My hairdo’s have not improved.


Shabbey Road Sessions – vol 1

Oh hello…didn’t see you there…you alright?

Well with the world plunging evermore into madness financially and morally, thought i’d post up a few vids. They might brighten your dwindling spirit, or they may effect you in such a way that you choose to pop out and rob the nearest Lidl. The choice, as our Graham used to say on Blind Date, is yours…

Basically, within the last month or so, I have been forced….nay, hurled….into the 21st century by obtaining a new phone and mac within the space of about a week. Hence the quality/dodgy effects/inexplicable vest on these little puppies.

First up is AN EXCLUSIVE BRAND NEW SONG (in my head that voice over was Rutger Hauer…like them butter ads…) – it’s called ‘Aim High’ (which Elliott tells me sounds like a song title that should be in Glee or summat…I have no idea what he’s on about…)

So that’s the phone video mastered…onto the ol’ lappy toppy. And the aforementioned ill-advised attire…a cover of one of my fave songs of the year thus far. In fact, the whole Metronomy album is really rather spiffing…

And finally, back to the hi-tech, no-expense spared, FX laden adventure-fest of the phone camera and a tour of my spare room. For no reason, other than i’d had a few drinks. Enjoy.