“…this is the end…beautiful friend, the end….”

Heavy of heart. That time has finally come. Details of a Take That style help line can be found at the bottom of this transmission.


That’s it. Finito. An ex-band. Sink or Soar time. Unfortunately, we have sunk. We’ve been listing out here in the ocean for a little while now and have taken on too much water to stay afloat. Enough boaty talk.

Two more excellent gigs lined up (Victorious Festival and Southsea Fest) which we’re really looking forward to as they’re both very close to our heart. Then we’re scampering off into the sunset whilst the credits roll and sad violin music plays.

I’d love to tell you that we’ve all fallen out over ‘musical differences’. I’d love to tell you that Elliott has become addicted to Wotsits and gone into rehab whilst Rox has found Jesus down the back of her sofa and converted to being a Nun.

Unfortunately that’s not true. The facts are that it’s just become too much of an uphill struggle to continue under our current guise. As a band we’ve been at that weird point for a few years now where we’re done playing horrible pub back rooms (our set up is too big and complicated/too many band members and instruments/too depressing to be asked if we know any covers…) but, truth be told, we just don’t have the pulling power to play anywhere bigger/more suitable/can actually put on a show that would do us justice (y’know…where we can have our full Iron Maiden fireworks and Jean Michel Jarre light-spectacular).

Simple as that really.

A ridiculous and boring reason I know but it will have to do. The point in The B of the Bang was to always be moving forward. Onwards and upwards. Not backwards. So before that happens, like a gameshow contestant out in the first round, we’ve had a lovely day and we’ll be off now thank you very much.

I don’t want TBOTB to be second on at The Dog & Dick just before Larry Stevens’ Spoon Band (actually that sounds pretty good) having driven 300 miles for ‘a couple of beers’ anymore. If that makes me egotistical then call me Bono. I’m actually not against doing that in a band per se, it is a most enjoyable hobby for many I know and one that I have loved for more than half of my life…it’s just….I think this band had much more scope, ambition and drive than that.

The fact is we’re perennial underachievers with the luck of that fella from the Fast Show who always got hit by lightning. That alongside the issue that everyone involved is so ruddy busy it’s like organising a manned mission to Mars anytime we want to even practice.

We’ve always said that being in a band is like being married. Only to loads of different people. It’s a very tricky balance involving compromise, violence, swearing and….sometimes…an outrageous amount of fun. As long as the ‘fun/not fun’ balance was 51%/49% we would continue on our ever evolving journey. Oftentimes it would dip below fleetingly but occasionally it would also rocket up to about 95%/5%. They were the times to cherish. However – it’s also not uncommon to do the complete opposite. And here’s where (and why) the story ends.

I’m immeasurably proud of everything TBOTB have achieved. I love every member of the band like a particularly sexy brother or sister (I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…) and I’m so so grateful to anyone who ever came to see us play, bought an album, wore a t-shirt, stepped on stage with us, shouted abuse or words of encouragement and generally just got involved in what we were trying (and dying) to achieve. Something a bit unique. Something to believe in. Sorry we have let you down.

When I started playing under the ‘Bang moniker 6 or 7 years ago it was just myself and some broken old instruments attempting to make music that was perhaps a little bit different than what was around at that point. It then became the ever-evolving open-door collective around the time of our first album involving the cream of Southsea’s musicians and eventually settled on the wonderful (in my opinion any way) line up you see at gigs today. Everything about this band has happened in a natural, organic way. Alas, poor Yorrick, that also means a natural, organic death. Chop us up and feed us to the birds would you?

We’ve played with some absolutely incredible bands and made some amazing friends along the way and in all honestly I’m absolutely gutted to be saying goodbye. But the time is right. We don’t want to peter out. We don’t want to just fade away. This year has been one of the greatest for us and I truly feel the music we’re writing now is the best we’ve ever written. In typical TBOTB style that seems like the perfect time to bow out. On a high.

I think we’re the only band to have played every Southsea Fest since it’s inception so it makes sense that this years event will be our final show. Expect some teary times and p’raps a few surprises.

It only happens once and you won’t believe it when it does.

Wit and The B of the Bang


ps that helpline number for you. 999.

pps for those that are interested, I think I’m going to post up a little bit every day about the songs we actually released and make them free to download as well. Will probably put the demos that were earmarked for album 3 up too. I hope you like them. But don’t worry if you don’t. It’s not mandatory.

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  1. Gutted to hear but your reasoning is sound wit. Good luck in the future. Was umming and ahing about SSF. Now it’s a must attend. So see you there (ps promise I’ll visit 101 soon!)

  2. Reblogged this on andypompey reviews and commented:
    Sad day for local music fans. If you haven’t heard these guys then take up the free downloads. You’ll enjoy as much as I did

  3. Really sad news. TBOTB have developed into one of my favourite bands over the last couple of years and it’s gutting to know that we won’t have any new material or be able to see you guys live again (aside from the two final performances, which I sure as hell am not going to miss now).
    It also makes me frustrated with the music industry. Even putting aside my personal love of the band, you guys are objectively good enough at what you do that you should be able to carry on doing it.
    At least you’re able to go out on your own terms and, as you say, on a high.

  4. Sad to see you go, but completely understand why….onwards and upwards and I will do my utmost to make it to the Kings theatre. ..thanks for the great music!

  5. So gutted to hear this news. I have genuinely found myself in a state of real sadness all day since reading it. It’s so frustrating that more people haven’t come to know and appreciate your amazing music.

    Though you might not have achieved the success or the level of recognition you’d hoped, I hope that it means something that your music has a place in hearts of those of us lucky enough to have come across you.

    In a few short years you have become one of my favourite bands, Beginning , Middle, End one of my favourite albums of all time and one of your songs was part of our recent wedding ceremony. Those tickets I bought Rich J to see Mark Morriss at The Cellars might be one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever bought. 🙂

    I can totally understand the reasoning, though regret it has to be that way. I wish everyone in the band huge success in their future endeavors and hope that many of them are musical ones.

    All the best with everything. I look forward to seeing you play at least a couple more times.

    And as far as I’m concerned, you’ve not let anyone down. Thanks for all you’ve given!

  6. Thank you so much everyone. It really does mean a lot.

    I’m extremely proud of what we achieved and so grateful that anyone even listened to our music. If we connected with just one person than our mission was worthwhile.

    And it certainly won’t be the last you see of us individually in the musical realm… 🙂


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