‘Lung’ is probably the centrepoint from where The B of the Bang sprung.

About 10 years ago, myself and David were living in Brighton in a band called Redlight (that then became The Dirty Touch….I know….i’m sorry…coming up with band names is horrible…) At the time we thought we were the bees knees and would be NME darlings within a matter of months (as you do when you’re a carefree 21 year old…). In our heads we sounded like a sexy Queens of the Stone Age crossed with T Rex but we actually probably sounded more like a damp Thin Lizzy covers band. Still, we had a ruddy good time whilst we were there.

When that band went the way of the Dodo, it was the first time that I actually took a step back, sat down and consciously thought properly about the music I wanted to write and play. I began to jot down lyrics that were a bit more personal to me and song structures that were perhaps a tad more sophisticated than your standard 3 or 4 chord rock n roll. Whether this is a good or bad thing in pop music is open to debate but there you go. Blame Radiohead.

The band Dave and I went on to form with our ol’ school mate Ash was called Manifesto (I mentioned it in an earlier post) and, though we only played a few gigs – all in London, it was much more direct, thought-out and focused. I loved it. (it was 2006…myspace was king)

We recorded a couple of tracks to hawk around – one of which ‘The Coming Lights’ eventually ended up as an Analogue Manilow song (our noisy grungy side-project featuring sometime-Banger Big Matt the Myth from a couple of years ago…)

The other one was ‘Lung’.

If I recall rightly Dave came up with the main guitar part and originally it was much faster. We were both listening to lots of Interpol at the time and it certainly has that measured kind of tone to it. ‘Maps’ by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs was probably ripped off a wee bit too but we knew we had something to be pleased with and to try and take further.

As far as lyrical content goes I still find this very hard to sing. My mum died of cancer when I was 20 and I’d never ever been the sort of person to show my feelings or talk about stuff in public. Without getting too deep, this song allowed me to do so in a much more guarded, and therefore more comforting to me, way.

The video was made by my good pal Cal O’Neil (him on the escalator…) and his partner in crime Chris Moon (the fisherman at the end…) under their filmmakers guise of Pinter Moments. Cal has played a bit in TBOTB over the years and we’ve also worked on some soundtracks together – if he ever gets round to filming his screenplays….

The actual version of ‘Lung’ on the video is the Manifesto one, not the re-recorded TBOTB one that ended up on the album as we’d not got to that point yet. I actually prefer this version too….there’s just something about it. We had a splendid time making the vid and there are lots of little bits and bobs in it that make me smile watching it now. Not just my 2007 haircut. The fact that I had to be a ‘hand double’ for my (now) wife as she wasn’t around on that day of filming. Our original logo comes from that Dymo label maker I used. It’s my nephew with the Radio Control car on the train, my sisters old walkman and my Dad’s house where the fake NME comes through the door. Cal & Chris did an ace job on literally no budget whatsoever and the whole ‘listen and pass on’ thing we actually did in real life I think. We also had a screening of it at TBOTB’s original spiritual home of the newly opened Little Johnny Russel’s pub in Southsea. I seem to remember clearing the dancefloor at my one and only DJ set by playing 8 minutes of ‘Swastika Eyes’. Good times.

As I was looking for that I’ve just found the earliest footage of TBOTB live! At The Good Ship in Kilburn. JD on bass and Maff on drums. Blimey.

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