Little Bean. Silly Little Bean.

The first thing that jumps into my mind with this song is that I remember a review that said it was awful. Terrible lyrics and you couldn’t listen to it without laughing. I always enjoyed reading bad reviews more than good ones (and we did get those too you know!) because I tended to agree.

One of the things that I think people misinterpreted (and actually still do) about TBOTB is that we’re very serious, moody types. Well – no accounting for the others as I am, in fact, a miserable bastard BUT half of the things we played were either an in-joke, a piss-take or just messing about.

Rehearsals for us generally follow this pattern:

– Play Sweet Child O’ Mine for about an hour
– Have a cup of tea
– Dick around with a crunk drum beat and comedy synth noises
– Play My Sharona
– Have a cup of tea
– Begrudgingly practice our set, halfway through say ‘we know that one’ and abandon it
– Have a cup of tea
– Play ‘Changes’ by Tupac and ‘Regulate’ by Warren G
– Leave

To clarify – when it comes to the actual music and songwriting – I’m through and through devout and deadly serious….but as people, most of the time we were having ‘lunge-offs’ on stage or trying to stitch each other up on tour. I guess when you’re doing posy, arty, black and white band photoshoots then you don’t want your accordion player running down a hotel corridor in the nip (true story) but I recall reading something about one of my fave bands Joy Division where they said that the famously intense young man Ian Curtis was always playing tricks on the other band members by leaving turds in their rooms and stuff like that. Brilliant.

Anyway. This song is a joke really. There is an early demo I did here where it’s all noisy rock guitar and feedback:

But often we played it live just using banjo, harmonica and cajon. See this BBC radio session:

When it came to recording it for the album, we decided to go half and half.

Brilliantly I’ve just found this that I haven’t heard since then too…

All the tracks seem to be an acoustic version of ‘Lung’ for some reason but there is an interview with us where I recall my one and only celebrity encounter with Peaches Geldof (RIP). Actually I also walked straight into Liam Gallagher in an airport toilet once so make that two celebrity encounters.

Back on subject…

The other thing that comes to mind regarding ‘Little Bean’ is our great friends REVERE (an incredible band – – check them out) shouting the words at us loudly and drunkenly in a Liverpudlian nightclub. We made lots of pals whilst touring that I now count as some of my closest – the guys in The Dawn Chorus (who I will talk much more about soon…) especially so…

The words? Who knows. It’s about being a little bean. I’m aware of the clitoral connotations.

To finish – here is an awful live rendition from Sheffield in 2009 where I forgot the harmonica, had the guitar in the wrong tuning and we were all drunk. Nelly from the aforementioned DC (and now The RSP & Oxygen Thief) is on bass here and he recorded much of our first and some of our second album. Again, I’ll chat a bit more about that sexy tennis ball headed buffoon later….

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  1. On the Myspace link there is a song called Man Alive that sounds like it features your distinctive vocals Wit, what’s the story behind that one?

    • Ah yes! I forgot about that track. It was a demo that we thought about doing for the album but it just sounded too much like Editors I think.

      People used to say I was ripping Tom from Editors vocal style off (even though I’d been singing like this since my voice broke many moons before Editors were around…!) but I think actually, truth be told, we were both probably just stealing from the above mentioned Mr Curtis….

      • I definitely got that vibe from it and I can see why it didn’t go on the album when it sounds a little different from everything else.

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