The second appearance from a guest vocalist – this time from the sublimely talented Jessica Winter (or Spencer as she was at that point) from the excellent Hall of Mirrors…although I’m not sure whether they are still a thing? Anyhoo – she is fab. She sent me her mix of it once with loads of comedy car-horn parping in. Brilliant.

Desire Lines are paths created in say, a forest or snow, that people use to get from one point to another. Usually the easiest or shortest route. I really liked that image, a route to follow which someone prior to your being there has created. Everyone else then follows because it’s not difficult. In the words of Alan Partridge: ‘Perhaps a metaphor….for……”

The whistle all the way through I wanted to create a feeling of unease. I was listening to lots of film soundtracks at the time (hence the whole ‘Beginning. Middle. End.’ schtick…) and The Exorcist used a recording of buzzing bees throughout to keep you nicely unsettled. The noise I had chosen was meant to be a recording of crickets chirruping that I pitch shifted (I had crickets in my flat because of Dolores The Dragon you see…!) but it didn’t quite sound how I wanted so ended up being some sort of synth patch I think…

Lyrically I was going for the kind of Nick Cave/Kylie murder-ballad call and response thing I suppose. A weird couple who love/hate each other but can’t live apart as they share too many murky secrets. Or something.

Ruddy Deerhunter went and nicked the name for a song on their last but one album too. Cheeky Bradford.

As an aside, because we’ve just played the wonderful Victorious festival this weekend just gone – I thought I’d pop this video up from last years event. Me and Jack talking balls. Standard.

Just 2 gigs left to go now! Bestival and Southsea Fest…..blub blub…..



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