Seeds, along with Lung, was the other song that came from the Manifesto days of myself and Mr Rhodes. There was this Geordie fella who did the sound for us a couple of times who seemed to like this one so I can’t think of it without his voice in my mind shouting ‘SOW THE SEEDS MAN’.

I think Neil & Rich also did a great job mixing this as it sounds better now than I had in my head at that point (though I wouldn’t have admitted it then of course…). The heavily delayed guitars in the chorus especially. We got that odd bass sound as the start as, when I recorded it, I failed to realise I hadn’t turned the tone knob up. Knob. Sounds good listening back now though. Although it’s also astoundingly apparent how much I’ve ripped off Idlewild’s ‘I’m a Message’. Ah well. Matt’s drums make this song what it is really I think, those great little hi-hat accents and the big fill into the second chorus. Lovely.

The ‘seeds’ in question are big ideas I guess…there’s mention of mankind’s incredible historical achievements and innovations and talk of Utopia and Valhalla etc…but we still completely stumble at the most basic human stuff every day (you know…not killing each other over made up people etc…). It’s a question as to whether it’s too late for us as a race. I’ll just dismount from my high horse now and say I’m also well happy at getting ‘Gallup Poll’ into a song.

One other memory about this song is playing it in Cambridge and Jack playing completely the wrong chords on the keys for about 50% of the duration causing much merriment on stage. We may have been drinking.

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