‘A New Road’ was written fairly late on. I was going for a Jeff Buckley guitar kind-of-thing here I think. We once played a Jeff Buckley tribute night and I got an electric shock from the microphone. True story.

As I said previously it should really have been a secret track on the album, kind of a bridge between ‘END’ and the EP’s we would go on to release next. If TBOTB ever released a Christmas single this would have been it. I love a good Christmas single.

I’d always wanted to write some round-robin style vocals, akin to ‘Happiness Runs’ by Donovan or…er….’London’s Burning’ by, whoever wrote that nursery rhyme (not The Clash song of the same name…or the early 90’s TV show….). The line at the end – ‘We will dismantle this false cathedral, brick by brick’ – seemed to suit that style of singing so we went for it. Kyle from The DC popped in to the studio whilst we were recording it so among me, Jack, Matt and JD shouting along, he’s in there too. Lad.

The words are about coping with change, dealing with stuff in life you can’t control and all that jazz. Don’t get too comfortable as you never know what’s coming next and such. Coming out of the track before (‘END’) seemed to allude to where we were headed next as a band….

And there you have it really….’Beginning. Middle. End.’ – our debut album – in a nutshell.

I quite liked it.

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  1. I loved it and thank you very much for taking a look back and giving us some insight into these songs.
    It’s been really interesting and I look forward to hearing about the Art Eps 🙂

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