Another personal favourite of mine. We still play it live a fair bit (where it merges in to ‘Reykjavík 101’ also from this EP – more on which later…). I love Serge Gainsbourg and that sexy 60’s French pop sound. Listen to ‘Lady Heroine’ to see what I was aiming at. A petit homage if you will….

The second verse in (my terrible) French:

Zut Alors! C’est comme vous allez loin.
Le dernier clou dans ma bit tout moue
Une marriage du parity peux pas marche
Je leve mon verre just que le folie s’arrette

My friend Pat of French punk band Smack La (RIP. God it really does show how long TBOTB have been around as every other band I ever seem to mention have split up…) did a rough translation that I then made a hash of. I’m not telling you the English words.

We recorded an early demo with us shouting stupid things at the end and an entire phone conversation with my partner as I didn’t realise the tape was still rolling. Suffice to say that didn’t make the final version. Lots of fun layering up all the drums at the end though.

Again – props to Nelly & Rich at Old Blacksmiths for the sound of this one. The guitars and drums are spot on. Although I think Elliott threw his sticks at the wall at some point during recording as he messed it up a couple of times. Rock and roll.

A live rendition (with ‘…101’ at the end) from The Rhythm Factory, London 2011

And again from Southsea Fest of the same year….lovely Kings Theatre where we’ll finish things in a couple of weeks!

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