Alabaster Statues. AKA Alabastard Statues.

The overriding memory of this is one that still makes me laugh. We played it at local legendary gig venue The Wedgewood Rooms (think it might even have been our first time there perhaps…?) and halfway through, for whatever reason, it just completely collapsed. Often when playing live each of us will mess something small up here and there – it’s part of the fun and the human element of performing. Generally though, it’s just a fluffed guitar line, an out of tune vocal or a missed snare. Something little that we notice on stage and grimace at but 9 times out of 10 an audience wouldn’t. However. This was not one of those times. I don’t think its ever happened before or since but, struggle as we might in the 10 or 20 seconds of chaos looking at each other with terrified faces, it became clear that none of us knew where the fuck we were in the song. Was it a chorus? Were the drums meant to be there? Have I just sung the wrong bit entirely? It took the ridiculously loud voice of Jack Malpas-Coker (who was playing bass on it) to shout ‘SHUUUUUUT UUUUUUUP!!!!’ which killed our damply-meandering feedback guitars and Elliott’s clutching-at-straws drums silent. He then began the bass line for the outro and we all joined in one by one and finished the song. There was a review of the gig that mentioned our something like our ‘unique ability to seamlessly intertwine the songs without knowing whether it was a new track’ that cracked us up after. In actual fact it was just that we’re all shit musicians.

As for the song itself, it’s an oldie. Even pre-Manifesto I think. The Bloc Partyish guitar makes me think I wrote it around their ‘Silent Alarm’ period as I loved that album. I don’t think the spiky post-punk thing was for us really, hence why it wasn’t a contender for ‘Beginnning. Middle. End.’. I do like it though. Especially the reverby intro (which came straight from the demo) and the electro/drum n bassy ending (which me and Nelly sat for ages auditioning kick and snare sounds for…)

Anything else? Usual dour lyrics of feeling separate from the world around you – heavily indebted to Smashing Pumpkins I expect at this point. I am sometimes a chirpy person honestly. Happy about mentioning Damocles sword too.

Also, the artwork for this EP took me bloody ages even though it looks like the most basic and simple thing in the world that a 4 year old with a book about art deco did on paint. We did some limited edition physical copies that we tied up with string n’all (and I think might have even had some form of glitter on them???). I remember us all frantically tying them up before playing at Brixton Windmill. Good banana cake from a cafe around the corner the band tell me.

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