I’m not sure if I’ve said this about any other songs on the album so should probably re-read some of these posts first but ‘Home…’ I think is my favourite song on ‘Tremors…’ – possibly my favourite song we ever recorded. Sigur Ros-tastic (of course) but I always absolutely loved playing this live. It’s a pretty emotional number to sing too.

It dealt with the plot of the album nicely (the chap realises that as far as he tries to get away he’s always inexplicably tied to where he grew up…which is entirely autobiographical) and kind of an ode to my own youth. Heavy stuff eh? P’raps not but I think, although it’s melancholy, it’s also quite hopeful. That recurring theme again. Accepting your fate and dealing with it. Basically manning up. What do they call those sort of films? Coming-of-age? This was TBOTB (and my songwriting hopefully) coming of age.

The end with the guitars going everywhere and Rox singing gets me welling up even now. And I loved messing about in the studio to record that extra long loopy-feedback outro. We used to end our sets with it for a while and, for me, it’s the proper last song on the album (which I’ll explain next…)

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