Do you hear a rumble….?

‘Love is in the air…everywhere I look arooooouuuuund…’

So sang John Paul Young – although from where I’m sitting it’s more like pollen….I suppose a song about the abundance of plant microgametophytes is not quite as romantic…


Apologies we’ve been a bit quiet of late. Rest assured, behind the scenes the cogs have been turning at a frantic pace and things have been happening left, right and, indeed, centre….

So. Finally. Here we go.

The B of the Bang album 2 will be called:

‘Tremors and Nosebleeds: The Melodies of a Malady’

It will contain the following songs:

Aim High


The Forest (The Devil is in the Dirt)

Sharks of the Atomic Atoll

Bungalow Town

Canaries in the Coalmine

Wander (Through the Night)

Something is Holding Me Down

Bring You Back

Home (Anywhere But Here)

This Will All Be Gone Tomorrow

It will be preceded by ‘Aim High’ as a single and we are *crosses fingers* going to release it on VINYL (at last!)

Here is a sneak preview as BBC6 Music’s splendid Tom Robinson made us one of his Fresh Faves this week:

Stay tuned for a release date. Tour dates to follow soon also…

Oh and if you’re in any doubt that we haven’t been busy – here is proof:

Shabbey Road Sessions – vol 1

Oh hello…didn’t see you there…you alright?

Well with the world plunging evermore into madness financially and morally, thought i’d post up a few vids. They might brighten your dwindling spirit, or they may effect you in such a way that you choose to pop out and rob the nearest Lidl. The choice, as our Graham used to say on Blind Date, is yours…

Basically, within the last month or so, I have been forced….nay, hurled….into the 21st century by obtaining a new phone and mac within the space of about a week. Hence the quality/dodgy effects/inexplicable vest on these little puppies.

First up is AN EXCLUSIVE BRAND NEW SONG (in my head that voice over was Rutger Hauer…like them butter ads…) – it’s called ‘Aim High’ (which Elliott tells me sounds like a song title that should be in Glee or summat…I have no idea what he’s on about…)

So that’s the phone video mastered…onto the ol’ lappy toppy. And the aforementioned ill-advised attire…a cover of one of my fave songs of the year thus far. In fact, the whole Metronomy album is really rather spiffing…

And finally, back to the hi-tech, no-expense spared, FX laden adventure-fest of the phone camera and a tour of my spare room. For no reason, other than i’d had a few drinks. Enjoy.