So I think enough time has gone by now and the dust has finally settled to finish the last few posts about the songs we released. Grieving period over….I think (sniff sniff…). We had our final gig at Southsea Fest and my word it was emotional. I’ll probably write a little bit more about that at the very end of these posts…


Bungalow Town. Yes. A duet. Myself and Rox sharing vocal duties entirely. I always wanted to do more of this as I think it sounds rather nice in general. Her vox and piano make this song for me, really.

This was the ballady one on the album. A guilty pleasure of mine (actually I don’t feel guilty whatsoever) is The Connells. Those of mid 90’s pop-rock one-hit wonder-smash ’74/75′. ‘Bungalow Town’ is me basically ripping it off. Yes, yes yes you can listen to all the Ben Frost/Nils Frahm/These New Puritans you want and pretend how hipster you are but at the end of the day….THE CONNELLS. Crikey, what a song.

The lyrics stemmed from something I was reading at the time regarding a sort of little English version of Hollywood that sprung up sometime at the start of the 20th century on the beaches of Shoreham-By-Sea. As unlikely as that sounds. I think it was a film star who first moved there and had a house built. Lots of others followed suit and it lead to this bacchanalian little set of Primrose Hill-esque trendsters having a bit of a party in all these new bungalows they’d had built. A lot of the buildings burned down though quite soon after being made of wood which all seemed like an appealing metaphor so…there you go. I guess personally growing up in a small town and wanting to leave as soon as possible is something universal to lots of folks in similar positions too which also informed the lyrics. However, when you get to this new exciting place, you still have that same ‘grass-is-greener’ feeling inside. That’s what ‘Bungalow Town’ is about in a nutshell.

I’d also read an article on the recording of an REM song (I forget which one) but it was pertaining to the fact that, although the song was just piano, guitar and vocals, there were tons and tons of tracks recorded and layers of instruments to give it a thick, lush sound. I tried the same for this so there were quite a few acoustic guitar and mic combos even though it sounds like one guitar playing. To be honest, Jake the Snake who mixed it probably got rid of them all anyway so I may be talking balls. No change there.



This hazy golden morning brings both good news and bad news in Camp Bang (oo-er missus…)

Let’s start, as they always do in films, with the bad shall we? Our beautiful bass man Ox has decided to follow the ways of the Blood God Khorne and dedicate himself full time to painting Warhammer models. The thing is, he paints all of them to have his own face. This is a little worrying I feel….

Of course, he hasn’t really…I jest…no, our Ox is off on a voyage of self discovery learning the twin mantras of Reggae and Folk. This, alas, leaves him no time to administer his taut, coiled low notes to us bunch of chancers so he’ll be stepping down after our next couple of shows….sniff sniff….they grow up so fast….

We would like to thank him for all his lovely efforts and the fact that he introduced the almighty drink of Brothers & Gin into the band.


Now the good news. For every cloud has it’s silver lining. The departure of Ox leaves some pretty daunting shoes to fill (if a shoe can indeed be classed as daunting…). However, there is but one man alive who I feel can deftly and sexily fill those very shoes. We introduce the next character in our strange and wonderful fable:

KEEF (aka Keefy Beefy, Tom Fossum, Good Evans) – Yes oh yes. No-one can shake a fringe like he can. No-one can sport a Wrestling T-Shirt quite so nonchalantly. He provides the bass for The Dawn Chorus and his solo Nordic Football themed Tom Fossum project. He brings with him his faithful guitar lead Curly Sue and frankly we’re very lucky to get him this late on in the transfer window. There are a few agents fee’s to sort out and a clause that allows him to opt out of European games but dagnammit it’s good to have him on board.

So, a brave new future beckons once more. Get yourself down to one of the following shows to see off The Ox in style won’t you?

APRIL 14th – The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel (w/ Her Name is Calla & Revere)

APRIL 23rd – Lennons, Southampton (w/ Thomas Tantrum)

MAY 1st – Acoustic set @ Edge of the Wedge, Southsea (w/ The Retrospective Soundtrack Players)

Until then, you can see the big man in action one last time here where we were all very hungover due to consumption of aforementioned B&G’s. Filmed by the excellent HiveLocal, this is a new song called ‘Bungalow Town’.