‘The Forest (The Devil is in the Dirt)’ is definitely one of the songs that is most fun to play live. What with me ripping off Survivors ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bootylicious’ it certainly was an off kilter direction for TBOTB to head in. Like I said before though, if something made us chuckle in practice, it went in. Really piling on the Carlos Santana guitar too. Ridiculous.

It got some play on the ace Amazing Radio which was cool and an email from Rob Da Bank said it reminded him of Nick Cave which I was over the moon with. Funny that we got asked to play Bestival this year on the same day we announced splitting up. Life is strange.

The song itself doesn’t really mean anything at all – I think I was just trying to outdo ‘Alaska’ on least-words-in-song. But it fitted in with the story running through the album which I try badly to explain below. Me and Elliott were both working in the studio at that point. We clearly didn’t have much else on. It does include us playing a song that didn’t make the final cut called ‘All Our Days Are Wasted’ though. Chirpy.

And here’s a bit more of that recording lark which contains some live ‘Forest’ action…

Plus 3 other live renditions…

Also, hats off to Jake the Snake once again as he made this song sound tons better than it did originally…as this little titbit showed…

News just in!!!! The B of the Bang split!!!!! Then reform!!!!!

News just in!!!! The B of the Bang split!!!!! Then reform!!!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell…..we weren’t expecting this much of a hiatus betwixt day 5 and day 6 to be honest. The perils of album making have been in full flow in the past few weeks and we’ve been up and down like The Wild Mouse over at Southsea Fun Fair…

The B of the Bang split up due to the following reasons:

Elliott managed to gain entrance into the Magic Circle thus fulfilling a lifelong dream. He is now Paul Daniels new assistant as Debbie Mcgee doesn’t look as good in a bikini as he does.

Ox has become an Oxegetarian which means he can no longer eat anything other than air. He is planning to write a cookbook of air based recipes (who can resist his Creamy Fog Flan…?).

Jack has set-up a farm where he plans to herd Moussaka.

Dave has evaporated.

I have pledged allegiance to a cult with Sandi Toksvig as our godhead.

Roxanne is currently on her first attempt at becoming the first person to watch all the matches of Mexico 86 back to back whilst hula-hooping.

It was boring though so we decided to reform……

So what have we REALLY been up to over the last few weeks?? Hmmmm? In truth, we have managed to grab a day or two recording here and there, snatching a few decent hours where we can but, as ever, real life and our various other musical outlets have been putting the pressures on. A couple of tantrums and breakdowns later and all is beautiful and shiny in the world again.

Like Rocky, we’ll battle through bloodied and bruised with an uplifting soundtrack blaring out behind us as we achieve our goals in slow motion. You can knock The Bang down but we’ll keep getting up. Slightly brain damaged, yes, but standing at least….

However, in the same way Professor Brian Cox might explain the planets aligning with salt and pepper pots, things are once more beginning to come together in splendid harmony for us…the next couple of weeks should bear very tasty fruits – sweet and sour, salty yet sugary. The music is sounding better than ever and, after all dear reader, that’s all any of us care about in the end is it not?

Ps Incidentally, the Rocky analogy is relevant in more ways than one as a new song we have seems to sound uncannily like ‘Eye of the Tiger’. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing but it’s certainly a revelation. It’s called ‘The Forest’ and it should be done soon….perhaps we’ll give you a sneaky peek on these very pages in the coming weeks…..stay tuned.

In the meantime – here’s a cheeky little remix of ‘Alaska’ that our Elliot did whilst he should’ve been working. Enjoy. xx