Where are we now?


…as a certain David Jones might say…


Soooooo….let’s briefly recap dear reader….


Had a couple of messages recently that go along the lines of ‘ahhhh I remember seeing some stuff about you lot a few years back and then you disappeared…bit of a shame’


Well – I cannot comment on whether our perceived disappearance would be a ‘shame’ or not but thought I’d just give you a bit of a lowdown on what goes on/has gone on behind the scenes. You may or may not be interested…but if you’re not…WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT THIS BLOG??? GETOUTTAHERE!!!


Anyhoo. As far as it goes for us, we’ve never been away. In fact, everywhere I turn, I’m there. It’s ruddy irritating to be honest. Our first album came out in 2009 and we toured it around the country to various dingy back rooms. Some amazing, some not so much. Many of those early gigs were a bit more acoustic in nature as there wasn’t so many of us in the band and they were often easier for us to play. In fact, amusingly, we were nominated for a Folk Award even though we’re not particularly any more folky than…oooh, I don’t know, Slayer or someone…that may be a slight stretch but…you catch my drift. Just because we wield the occasional banjo or accordion, the arran sweaters are firmly stashed away (for now). I even wrote my Uni dissertation on notions of genre and how we perceive them don’cha know??? So check me out.


So, folk or not, in 2010 we recorded and released 2 EP’s….’Art Deco’ and ‘Art Nouveau’. One was electric-y, full bandy, sample-y stuff and one was more solo-y, traditional-y, acoustic-y stuff. As is often the case with EP’s however, these sort of slipped beneath the radar and no-one really noticed. We liked them though. 


Since then a variety of things have occurred…first off, I swanned around travelling a bit…growing various beards and wrote most of what was to become our new soon-to-be-released-honest-guv album. The people who made up TBOTB swapped around a fair bit too so myriad rehearsals and low-key gigs testing out new material and members was pretty much the de rigeur order of the day in 2011.


It was also the year of a few side-projects that developed into other things which naturally took up plenty of tim. Myself and Mr Rhodes dallied with our inner noise-rockers in Analogue Manilow, Elliott stepped in to alt-country-pop-rock mode with the Retrospective Soundtrack Players. Again, a few members went off on their own journeys and more new members came into our warm bosom (titter titter). Southsea’s musical fraternity is like that. I for one relish it and it means I’ve had the honour of playing with some amazing musicians of whom all are now firm friends. And that’s the important part really isn’t it? Yes. Yes it is.


So – anyway – fast forward to 2012 – album 2 was finished and ready to go. Self recorded and produced we were as happy as pie with it…but the opportunity arose for another good pal of ours, the esteemed Mr Jake Gordon, to give it a bit of an extra mix and polish. My word we’re glad he did. Here’s a bit of info about him and his recent work (including stuff he’s done with a couple of our fave bands…) 




Jake made everything sound a hundred times greater than we could have ever achieved on our own so it was well worth that extra wait. So, prepped, ready-to-go, gorged with fresh blood and mixed perfectly…..our dear little indie label Jelly Maid Music fell off the cliff into the abyss! T’was a sad day for all and meant, like The Littlest Hobo, we were now homeless…


After touting it around to a few of the labels that we love and trust and being greeted with stares that I’m sure Joseph and Mary received in Jerusalem before they bedded down in someones shed or something, we realised that we were probably looking at a self-release. Now these aren’t necessarily a bad thing as it means you have total control (always good) and can create your own world around you…..BUT….you also have no money (or we certainly don’t) nor any inbuilt ‘network’ of friendly faces and industry peeps to help you out or fight your corner.


If you can now, at this point dear reader, imagine a hero – swarthy and muscular – swooping in and grasping us in their bulging arms while we look up doey eyed and, well theres no other word than aroused, then please feel free to do so as that is basically the truth of it. I’m not going to reveal all yet (where’s the fun in that?) but, rest assured, April is certainly going to be a splendid milestone in The B of the Bang’s strange, exciting, terrifying adventure…


Keep your ears to the ground BangFans



ps just in case you wondered David Jones is David Bowie’s real name. Told you I went to university.

Gigs! Free Music! The World Wide Web!


First up – 2 London gigs are on the horizon. We’d love to see some friendly faces at them. Well, just faces really….

  • WED 3rd OCT: Death2Disco, Notting Hill Arts Club
  • FRI 5th OCT: Camden Wheelbarrow


Secondly – we’re trying to get everything up to date and ready to go for album 2’s imminent release. As a part of this, for a limited time, we’re offering our first album ‘Beginning. Middle. End.’ and our twin EP’s ‘ART DECO’ & ‘ART NOUVEAU’ AS WELL AS our brand new forthcoming single as FREE DOWNLOADS over on our Soundcloud page….that’s 20+ songs! For nowt!

Don’t say we never give you anything….


So…you’ve got the back catalogue sorted now. Where do you go to keep up with what’s occuring in BangLand?






And if you’re reading this you’ll already know about our blog won’t you? Good.

See you very soon…..very very soon




Strange Days have found us….

Bit of an odd blog this one…you’d be best off thinking of it as a Jeff Buckley song (only far less poetic and beautiful…) as it contains the following:







A three and a half octave vocal range (OK…that’s just Buckley)

Anyway. Enough waffle. Sad news first. Our lovely little label Jelly Maid Music is closing it’s DIY doors. Sniff sniff. I’d like to say a massive thankyou to Rich Tamblyn who ran it pretty much single handed and helped out so much with our first album and our last 2 EP’s. A great ambassador for the local music scene and the shenanigans that went on at Old Blacksmiths Studio (JM HQ) will be much missed…..

Which brings me on to sad news #2….let me get another hanky….my favourite band The Dawn Chorus are drawing a veil over their impeccable back catalogue with one more album (which I’ve heard most of and it’s incredible). Fittingly it will be the swan song release on Jelly Maid in a couple of months and will be called ‘Tremendous Magic’. Our paths as bands have been ridiculously intertwined over the last 5 years (as last weeks Incest Fest gig showed…! Thanks to all that attended) and we will miss them as touring partners, storytellers, friends and occasional lovers. I had the honour of playing live with them on their last few tours (Whitear kiss of death) and they were some of the funnest shows of my life….more news here:


So…there’s your heartbreak and despair in the first couple of verses….where is the joyful bridge and the optimistic chorus you cry? Well, here. Kyle, Nelly and Pauly B of the DC carry on the flame (with our very own Elliott Gregg on drums) as The Retrospective Soundtrack Players. Keefy Beefy is now our top grade bassman. Drumster Simps is now fronting excellent electro-pop outfit Beatamax. And Benny Boy the Mandolin-Meister? Well i’m eagerly a’waiting his solo sex-funk project (one of these may be a lie…)

Where does this leave The B of the Bang I hear no-one ask? Well….no manager, no label, no publisher, no agent BUT the finest collection of songs we’ve ever written, better gigs than we’ve ever done before, more radio play than ever and the sexiest members in our odd and amusing history (sorry Maff & JD…it’s open to interpretation…).

SO. Here’s the deal. Do bands even need those previously mentioned industry types in the 21st century? I don’t know the answer but I’m sure as hell fed up of being the least successful band since…well…that band that the chubby older Gallagher brother had that no-one cared about. We’ve got a great album ready to go and we’re gonna come and stuff it in your ears whether you like it or not. If anyone wants to help us that’s great but if not….LOCK UP YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS COS WE’RE COMIN ATCHA LIKE CLEOPATRA….

Here’s a free download of our new track ‘The Forest (The Devil is in the Dirt)’. Spread it around yeah?




Do you hear a rumble….?

‘Love is in the air…everywhere I look arooooouuuuund…’

So sang John Paul Young – although from where I’m sitting it’s more like pollen….I suppose a song about the abundance of plant microgametophytes is not quite as romantic…


Apologies we’ve been a bit quiet of late. Rest assured, behind the scenes the cogs have been turning at a frantic pace and things have been happening left, right and, indeed, centre….

So. Finally. Here we go.

The B of the Bang album 2 will be called:

‘Tremors and Nosebleeds: The Melodies of a Malady’

It will contain the following songs:

Aim High


The Forest (The Devil is in the Dirt)

Sharks of the Atomic Atoll

Bungalow Town

Canaries in the Coalmine

Wander (Through the Night)

Something is Holding Me Down

Bring You Back

Home (Anywhere But Here)

This Will All Be Gone Tomorrow

It will be preceded by ‘Aim High’ as a single and we are *crosses fingers* going to release it on VINYL (at last!)

Here is a sneak preview as BBC6 Music’s splendid Tom Robinson made us one of his Fresh Faves this week:


Stay tuned for a release date. Tour dates to follow soon also…

Oh and if you’re in any doubt that we haven’t been busy – here is proof:

Incestuous Southsea…

Autumns spindly fingers are slowly creeping around us here in the South of England and this chill morn seems like a good time to post. Things are rosy in Camp Bang at the mo – writing more than ever and it looks like we finally might all find the time to get together and record all this new stuff soon. It always seems to be winter for us when we record – I guess we’re a winter band….here are some early demo’s for the forthcoming album:

For the uninitiated I should probs introduce you to a few of our other projects – the reason that organising our gigs and recording is similar in scale to organising the Olympics…

Ready? Deep breath…

I myself (Wit) try and devote most of my time to The B of the Bang but I also have a lovely side project on the go with Dave Of-The-Bang (who I’ve been in bands with half my life) and former Bang-man Mighty Matt E (The Myth). It’s called Analogue Manilow and is much rawer and grungier than TBOTB. This is us:

On top of that, i’m currently recording solo stuff for a film and I also play live with The Dawn Chorus who are recording at the mo:


A few of The Dawn Chorus have their own side project signed to Xtra Mile called The Retrospective Soundtrack Players: Who’s their drummer? Well if it’s not our very own Elliott Gregg! This be them:


Greggles also does his own DJ/electronic thang that goes by the name of St Robe:


Keefy Beefy, our bassman, plays with the aforementioned DC and has his own ace solo guise called Tom Fossum:


He took over from The Ox who plays in a reggae/dub/rock band called Zegema Beach with…..yes you guessed it! Our heroine Roxanne Johns – who also plays and records top-notch solo stuff:



Confused yet? You will be. Jack and me used to play in his band Hats are for Heads and he also does remixes under the name of Billy and The Bears. When he’s not organising hostile take-overs.



I think that’s most of it covered…might have missed out one or two bands but it’s so incestuous here in Southsea that it’s hard to keep track. Most of us have something to do with this wee DIY label here so have a peek and, if you’re feeling all communal, like – p’raps buy an album or 2 and keep us all in electricity for another week.


To play you out – a cover of one of my favourite artists – the lovely John Grant:

and a new song:



ps tomorrow (Tues 8th November) we’re playing one of our last gigs of the year at The Edge of the Wedge with the excellent Chapman Family. Do come say hi yes?