So….we’ve been busy beavering away in the background…and we’re finally surfacing for air…

We promised an announcement, and happily, like the proverbial bus, we have two pieces of good news for you (unless you don’t like us then it’s two pieces of bad news…)

ANNOUNCEMENT #1 – We will be playing an acoustic set at Pie & Vinyl on Sat 30th November. It’s an honour to play at our HQ/home/mothership again as it’s the official launch of their new, improved (and much bigger) premises. If you’ve not been in there yet then put this date in your diary as it will be splendid. I recommend the Matador pie. Tasty. It’s also the day after Black Friday which means lots of limited edition record releases etc…may still be there for your perusal.

You can read all about it here:


ANNOUNCEMENT #2 – We will be hosting our annual Christmas Party at The Wedgewood Rooms on Wed 18th December with an absolutely stellar line up….this year we are ridiculously proud to present to you….




If anyone caught their P&V instore earlier this year you know what a treat you’re in for. Having just toured with The Young Knives and performed at a host of festivals (I caught their set at End of the Road and it was something to marvel at…) – the  band have released four mighty fine albums of vivid, English madness. When not busy crafting folk-pop nuggets, front man Oli has soundtracked the Mighty Boosh affiliated film (the series in which he has also starred) ‘Bunny and the Bull’ as well as winning awards for his film-making.


We can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to have Mary come and play. Her debut album ‘Dream Life’ on the ace Hand of Glory label was a highlight of last year containing the 6Music-conquering single ‘Black Doe’ (an absolute stone cold classic in my eyes…). Blending dark-pysch-pop with bewitching fuzz-folk, her presence on the main stages of festivals like Hop Farm, Standon Calling and Bestival show she is a live force not to be missed.


This man should need no introduction. A legend of cabaret-noir, his songs of black humour and spine-tingling brilliance will have you begging for more. You’ll either be in hysterics or concerned for your safety but you certainly won’t forget it. Performing at such disparate events as the Kerrang Awards, the Torture Garden Nighclub and playing alongside Duke Special and…er…Toyah Wilcox(!), Joe’s chameleon-esque charm means that your xmas will be slightly more indecent this year. And that’s always a good thing right?

…and of course ourselves THE B OF THE BANG….we’ll be debuting lots of new material earmarked for album three and attempting to remember how many people we have in the band…

There will also be xmas ‘cheer’ (for ‘cheer’ read: ‘cantankerousness’..) a’plenty with mince pies, films, music, stalls and much more. We’re feeling the creepy, Victorian Xmas vibe in the air this year so dressing up is heartily encouraged…who knows, it might even win you a special prize or two…

All the details are here –

And as a cheeky, wee bonus (as you’ve been so good this year…) here’s a free download of that merriest of xmas tunes for you all:

We really hope to see you at this one…it’s going to be a special evening…merry what-have-you!!





GOOD FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT 1: Our new album ‘Tremors & Nosebleeds: The Melodies of a Malady’ will be released on vinyl and download by Pie & Vinyl Records on Monday 22nd April 2013!

GOOD FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT 2: We are having a launch show/mini festival at The Wedgewood Rooms on Sunday 21st Apri with some of our favourite bands!

GOOD FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT 3: Lastly…we will be performing a Record Store Day acoustic set at our HQ of Pie and Vinyl Record Cafe on Sat 20th April!


Here’s our 2 singles so far:

‘Wander (Through the Night)’ video :

‘Aim High’ video: 

If you like a tweet every now and then, please go show our new label some love too:

See you at the launch show!



Southsea Fest

Hoi hoi all

Southsea Fest this year was probably our best gig so far in my opinion…we’ve had the pleasure of being involved in it in some way or another ever since it’s humble beginnings 5 years ago. It never fails to be anything less than a most splendid day. Although, when we played last year we had a monumental technical meltdown with an erroneous bottle of water being sent tumbling (in Matrix-style slo-mo) onto our power supplies just as we stepped on stage, thus shorting out all our amps and fx pedals. Not ideal. I think we slayed (slaid? slew?) them demons good n proper this year, mind…

This year’s fest was a huge event for our wee home town so a round of applause is due for all involved. 150 odd bands and 15 venues involved with some of the most exciting up and coming artists around – Clock Opera at the Wedge were outstanding as was Fionn Regan in the splendour of The Kings Theatre. Gutted I missed Dry the River and couldn’t get in to our Dawn Chorus/RSP pal Kyle D Evans solo set but had a great night all round nevertheless. For some reason or another we started on rounds of Port in the evening. Odd. But pleasant.

Anyway – here’s some footage of us, also in the lovely setting of The Kings Theatre, playing ‘Film Noir’ & ‘Reykjavik 101’…see you at next years fest eh?


Shabbey Road Sessions – Number 3

Hey, hi, ho followers of le Bang. Hope this Friday finds you spiffingly well?

Here be yet another blog packed full of vitamins, minerals and other health-giving goodness for you. A bit like a pint of Guinness.

The new album, what with it being a rock opera about ‘love, death and mental illness’ is taking more time than we thought but hey….perfection takes time doesn’t it? A bit like a pint of Guinness.

The songs we’ve recorded so far are dark and stormy but with a hopeful, yearning, frothy white top. A bit like a….you get the idea. Guinness, if you’d like to get in touch re sponsorship….we’re open to offers.

A quick list off the top of my head of things that are inspiring the writing and recording of the new album.

Hugely under-rated 90s TV show American Gothic

The writing of Martin Amis

Electro shock therapy & Victorian asylums

Strange dreams about a parallel 1930’s Asia

Twin Peaks (always)

Iceland (the country, not the Kerry Katona endorsed shop)


Serial killers

Guinness (come on…get in touch…)

The writings of JG Ballard


Pan’s Labrynth

Unfulfilled human potential

The feeling that something isn’t quite right

Hugely under-rated 90s TV show Eerie Indiana

Weird medical practices from bygone days. Bloodletting, lobotomies, leeches….y’know the score…

The Wicker Man (not the Nicholas Cage one…Christ no…)

The writings of Cormac McCarthy

The end of the world

Laugh-a-minute stuff eh? Actually, the music itself is probably chirpier than ‘Beginning. Middle. End.’ (well, some of it…) – I’ve always liked the juxtaposition of lyrics full of melancholy and despair set to jaunty pop tunes. Basically, there’s a linear (sort of…) story and a recurring group of characters that thread through all of our new music…it’s more like an unfinshed soundtrack to an unwritten movie. I’ll stop rabbiting on and post some vids here eh?

First up – ‘This Will All Be Gone Tomorrow’

Next, I found the ‘effects’ button on Photo Booth….’Never to be Seen Again’

And finally, lets finish with a cover of one of my favourite ever songs shall we? I’m unsure as to why I’m sporting this Russian style hat teamed with a cowboy shirt. It seemed suitable.

nb I’m seeing Bjork at Iceland Airwaves on my birthday this year. I am more excited about this than is good for me.

Ta ta for now lovers.


You’ve got a nerve to be asking a favor (or favour)…

Howdy hi pop-pickers

Haven’t posted here for a wee while have we? Apologies for that…rest assured we’ve been as busy as beavers (who are renowned for being particularly busy…I suspect because building and maintaining a dam requires a lot of effort…)

An excellent mini-tour over the weekend last properly inaugurated the fine talent that is bassman extraordinaire Keefy Beefy into The Bang….it culminated with him swallowing a penny for reasons that we shan’t divulge here (7.5% cider may have been a contributory factor, however…). Thankyou Brighton, London and Preston. It was emotional.

Next up – we’re all moist with anticipation as we’re supporting one of our favourite ever bands The Walkmen! Yes, we’re supporting those actual sexy American indie legends (and I don’t bandy that term about willy…or indeed…nilly…) tonight – and it’s on home turf too at our most loved Southsea venue The Wedgewood Rooms. The icing on the cake is that the excellent Retrospective Soundtrack Players (our drummer Eggliott Egg’s other band feat members of the equally splendid Dawn Chorus) are on the bill too! Frankly, you’d be an ingrate not to be in attendance. AN INGRATE, Y’HEAR??!!?

After that we’re playing at one of our fave venues in our home-away-from-home (bizarrely…) of Cambridgethis forthcoming Saturday. Headlining the Buzz Festival at The Haymakers I believe. They’ve got a cider bar so might keep ol’ Keefy away from that….

So that’s how for now…we’ll see you down the front for ‘The Rat’ yes? Will let you know how it all goes. Here’s some piccies of us chillaxing at home for no real reason other than I just found them…


Some Live Footage for your Ears and Eyes.

So we played at The Rhythm Factory t’other day (14/4/11) with our good friends REVERE (incredible band – and also the rather splendid Her Name is Calla. It was a most pleasant eve and a young lady, cryptically called Boudicca, filmed some of our set so here it is:

‘Sharks of the Atomic Atoll’

‘Film Noir/Reykjavik 101’

‘The Forest’

The whole thing is over here if you wish to have a look-see…

I’m off to listen to The Stills on repeat as I’ve just heard they’ve split up….rubbish…they were an incredible band so go look them up after you’ve watched our vids. THEN DO SOME WORK AND STOP SKIVING!



The B of the Bang are April Fools…

Just in case any of you did believe the last blog entry…we haven’t really split up to indulge in Moussaka farming etc…it was all a silly rouse, a fanciful escapade, frivolous shenanigans and carefree whimsy…

Onwards. And upwards.

So today’s vid is called Day 4. Not sure why as it was filmed over about a month. Perhaps a day on Jupiter? Lets just call this entry ‘Day 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…etc…’ shall we? All clear? No? Good.

Lots o’ fun and frolics had here. Starting with, as always, a cock up. Had a lovely productive day laying down some ‘fresh, next level shit’ (or something…I don’t really know what that means…) only to discover after several hours that I had the guitar in some ridiculous tuning. Whoops. Start again.

So, the following moving images contain snippets of several new numbers. Namely, they are:

All Our Days Are Wasted
Sharks of the Atomic Atoll
Bungalow Town

It also shows our penchant for dipping into dodgy classic rock tracks or smooth 90’s G-funk whenever a camera is around. We really must stop that.

Many thanks to:
Roland and Ravenous Promotions at The Wilmington Arms, London.
Everyone at The Haymakers, Cambridge
Chris and all at The Guestlist, Express FM
Mark and HiveLocal (who filmed a sneaky peek video which we’ll show you soon…)
Harry for just generally hanging around

More silliness…same time….next time….



News just in!!!! The B of the Bang split!!!!! Then reform!!!!!

News just in!!!! The B of the Bang split!!!!! Then reform!!!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell…..we weren’t expecting this much of a hiatus betwixt day 5 and day 6 to be honest. The perils of album making have been in full flow in the past few weeks and we’ve been up and down like The Wild Mouse over at Southsea Fun Fair…

The B of the Bang split up due to the following reasons:

Elliott managed to gain entrance into the Magic Circle thus fulfilling a lifelong dream. He is now Paul Daniels new assistant as Debbie Mcgee doesn’t look as good in a bikini as he does.

Ox has become an Oxegetarian which means he can no longer eat anything other than air. He is planning to write a cookbook of air based recipes (who can resist his Creamy Fog Flan…?).

Jack has set-up a farm where he plans to herd Moussaka.

Dave has evaporated.

I have pledged allegiance to a cult with Sandi Toksvig as our godhead.

Roxanne is currently on her first attempt at becoming the first person to watch all the matches of Mexico 86 back to back whilst hula-hooping.

It was boring though so we decided to reform……

So what have we REALLY been up to over the last few weeks?? Hmmmm? In truth, we have managed to grab a day or two recording here and there, snatching a few decent hours where we can but, as ever, real life and our various other musical outlets have been putting the pressures on. A couple of tantrums and breakdowns later and all is beautiful and shiny in the world again.

Like Rocky, we’ll battle through bloodied and bruised with an uplifting soundtrack blaring out behind us as we achieve our goals in slow motion. You can knock The Bang down but we’ll keep getting up. Slightly brain damaged, yes, but standing at least….

However, in the same way Professor Brian Cox might explain the planets aligning with salt and pepper pots, things are once more beginning to come together in splendid harmony for us…the next couple of weeks should bear very tasty fruits – sweet and sour, salty yet sugary. The music is sounding better than ever and, after all dear reader, that’s all any of us care about in the end is it not?

Ps Incidentally, the Rocky analogy is relevant in more ways than one as a new song we have seems to sound uncannily like ‘Eye of the Tiger’. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing but it’s certainly a revelation. It’s called ‘The Forest’ and it should be done soon….perhaps we’ll give you a sneaky peek on these very pages in the coming weeks…..stay tuned.

In the meantime – here’s a cheeky little remix of ‘Alaska’ that our Elliot did whilst he should’ve been working. Enjoy. xx

The B of the Bang: Song writing in the unconvential way

Saturday 29th January


Just a short entry today as this video speaks for itself. Actions being louder than words n’all that….

I will say that if this album isn’t released until the year 2021, then this sums up why….

Where the recording process for this album differs from our first is that many of the songs on ‘Beginning. Middle. End.’ had been around for a while and were completely written/finished/sorted before recording even began.

A fair proportion of stuff for this album I’ve only kind of sketched out before bringing them to rehearsal for all of us to put our own stamp on it. It’s an extremely enjoyable process…..but it can sometimes lead to the following results:

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Recording DAY THREE and a bit (18th-20/01/11)

Thursday 20th January

Drummy drum drums. A day of ups and downs. Recording drums is a bit like sex. The excitement builds as you prepare, you set up your equipment, you get everything perfect, you get stuck in, you realise there’s a problem, you get annoyed, you have a rethink, things get tense, you get in a right old cop, then miraculously you’re away and it’s the most natural thing in the world, you get more done than you’d imagined, you’re smiling and then……………it’s all over and you have to pack everything away and clean up.

5 tracks in. (another title to add to the four from our last entry…’Bring You Back’.) Good going Elliott Gregg (although he did throw his drumsticks at one point. These tempremental artistes eh?) The fact that we got anything done at all is due in no small part to the next character I’m going to introduce to this fairytale.

Neil Elliott – (aka Nelly. Himmler. Tennis Ball Head.)

Our George Martin, The Colonel and Andrew Loog-Oldham all rolled into one. Actually, he’s like none of them. He just records us and tells us to do things again. And again. And again. And again. He’s a beautiful man though. Unless he’s wearing a mankini. That is a frightening sight forever engrained in my minds eye which you, dear reader, will just have to imagine for yourself. Though I wouldn’t recommend it.

At the moment, we’re laying down the basic stuff. The foundations, if you will, on which we will build glorious, towering aural structures that will be sumptuous feasts for your earholes. Or you might weep at our inept, dismal musical failings. That’s the gamble you get with The B of the Bang yeah?

The reason so far that it’s mainly me (Wit. Hi.) and Elliott in these videos is because we work together at a studio. We literally have nothing better to do with our time. That will all change soon though and you can behold the glory of the other members of TBOTB in their full wonderous entirety. What makes them tick? Why? What is their favourite mid-morning snack? These questions answered and more….same time… time….

As an extra treat, heres a short video introducing the ideas behind the new album…

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