‘The Forest (The Devil is in the Dirt)’ is definitely one of the songs that is most fun to play live. What with me ripping off Survivors ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bootylicious’ it certainly was an off kilter direction for TBOTB to head in. Like I said before though, if something made us chuckle in practice, it went in. Really piling on the Carlos Santana guitar too. Ridiculous.

It got some play on the ace Amazing Radio which was cool and an email from Rob Da Bank said it reminded him of Nick Cave which I was over the moon with. Funny that we got asked to play Bestival this year on the same day we announced splitting up. Life is strange.

The song itself doesn’t really mean anything at all – I think I was just trying to outdo ‘Alaska’ on least-words-in-song. But it fitted in with the story running through the album which I try badly to explain below. Me and Elliott were both working in the studio at that point. We clearly didn’t have much else on. It does include us playing a song that didn’t make the final cut called ‘All Our Days Are Wasted’ though. Chirpy.

And here’s a bit more of that recording lark which contains some live ‘Forest’ action…

Plus 3 other live renditions…

Also, hats off to Jake the Snake once again as he made this song sound tons better than it did originally…as this little titbit showed…

Totally Wired….

Howdy Bangers and Bangettes

How are you? I feel we don’t talk enough. Tell me what you’re up to? How’s the dog? Did you see that thing the other day? Isn’t the weather changeable?

How am I? Oh very well thankyou. That rash has gone and the geraniums finally sprouted.

Here are the headlines in BangLand…..

BANG! In keeping with tradition and attempting to match the mighty mighty Fall (hence the blog title…) in amount of band members, TBOTB has once again had a slight cabinet re-shuffle. Fingers crossed this is now the line-up for ever and ever amen. It certainly has a good feel about it and contains a diverse and talented spread of sexy folks within….in fact, I’m very excited as to what we can achieve.



The flipside of that bright and shiny coin is the dull and rusty news that our lovely friend and colleague Roxanne Johns has stepped down as a Banger to pursue all the other endeavours she’s involved in. We wish her all the best as she’s ridiculously talented and a great person too. We’ll miss you Rox.

BANG! Our favourite event of the year occurred at the weekend. The top class multi-headed behemoth that is Southsea Fest happened across loads of venues in our hometown. 100+ bands including Clock Opera, Bo Ningen, Pale Seas, Tom Williams & The Boat plus loads more fantastic stuff. We played at The Kings Theatre which is always a pleasure – such a beautiful venue and a super-enthusiastic packed crowd for Em’s first gig. Here’s a coupla pics – cheers to Cal from Pinter Moments.

Southsea Fest was also the last ever Dawn Chorus show and they were absolutely on fire…maybe the best i’ve ever seen them. Collectively these guys are probably our favourite ever band and to call them friends is a privilege. All the best with your future endeavours boys and thanks for the inspiration, the games of bum and the shots in Bumper…..XXX

BANG! On a happier note, the ever excellent Tom Robinson included our track ‘The Forest’ in his BBC6 Music download podcast this week which went out on air early hours of Sunday/Monday morn. Here’s a bit of info:

and here’s the actual download link:

Some great music on there and many many thanks to Tom for his ongoing support.

BANG! And finally…..(to be said like Trevor Mcdonald)…it looks like the second album we’ve been slaving over for 18 months will finally come out! YAY! If you’re a longtime follower of the band you’ll know our up n down rollercoaster-like existence and the fact that our lovely little label closed it’s doors a couple of months ago. Well we’ve been scurrying around and, with the help of our new management (Barney at Outright – cracking the whip and getting us into shape…) it looks like there is a light on the horizon. More news on this very soon but, rest assured, it’s a very exciting time for us and we’re not going to rest until every one of the 62 million plus people in Britain have heard it. Then next stop is THE WORLD. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Now I must go and tend to those geraniums.




Strange Days have found us….

Bit of an odd blog this one…you’d be best off thinking of it as a Jeff Buckley song (only far less poetic and beautiful…) as it contains the following:







A three and a half octave vocal range (OK…that’s just Buckley)

Anyway. Enough waffle. Sad news first. Our lovely little label Jelly Maid Music is closing it’s DIY doors. Sniff sniff. I’d like to say a massive thankyou to Rich Tamblyn who ran it pretty much single handed and helped out so much with our first album and our last 2 EP’s. A great ambassador for the local music scene and the shenanigans that went on at Old Blacksmiths Studio (JM HQ) will be much missed…..

Which brings me on to sad news #2….let me get another hanky….my favourite band The Dawn Chorus are drawing a veil over their impeccable back catalogue with one more album (which I’ve heard most of and it’s incredible). Fittingly it will be the swan song release on Jelly Maid in a couple of months and will be called ‘Tremendous Magic’. Our paths as bands have been ridiculously intertwined over the last 5 years (as last weeks Incest Fest gig showed…! Thanks to all that attended) and we will miss them as touring partners, storytellers, friends and occasional lovers. I had the honour of playing live with them on their last few tours (Whitear kiss of death) and they were some of the funnest shows of my life….more news here:

So…there’s your heartbreak and despair in the first couple of verses….where is the joyful bridge and the optimistic chorus you cry? Well, here. Kyle, Nelly and Pauly B of the DC carry on the flame (with our very own Elliott Gregg on drums) as The Retrospective Soundtrack Players. Keefy Beefy is now our top grade bassman. Drumster Simps is now fronting excellent electro-pop outfit Beatamax. And Benny Boy the Mandolin-Meister? Well i’m eagerly a’waiting his solo sex-funk project (one of these may be a lie…)

Where does this leave The B of the Bang I hear no-one ask? Well….no manager, no label, no publisher, no agent BUT the finest collection of songs we’ve ever written, better gigs than we’ve ever done before, more radio play than ever and the sexiest members in our odd and amusing history (sorry Maff & JD…it’s open to interpretation…).

SO. Here’s the deal. Do bands even need those previously mentioned industry types in the 21st century? I don’t know the answer but I’m sure as hell fed up of being the least successful band since…well…that band that the chubby older Gallagher brother had that no-one cared about. We’ve got a great album ready to go and we’re gonna come and stuff it in your ears whether you like it or not. If anyone wants to help us that’s great but if not….LOCK UP YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS COS WE’RE COMIN ATCHA LIKE CLEOPATRA….

Here’s a free download of our new track ‘The Forest (The Devil is in the Dirt)’. Spread it around yeah?



Some Live Footage for your Ears and Eyes.

So we played at The Rhythm Factory t’other day (14/4/11) with our good friends REVERE (incredible band – and also the rather splendid Her Name is Calla. It was a most pleasant eve and a young lady, cryptically called Boudicca, filmed some of our set so here it is:

‘Sharks of the Atomic Atoll’

‘Film Noir/Reykjavik 101’

‘The Forest’

The whole thing is over here if you wish to have a look-see…

I’m off to listen to The Stills on repeat as I’ve just heard they’ve split up….rubbish…they were an incredible band so go look them up after you’ve watched our vids. THEN DO SOME WORK AND STOP SKIVING!