Now the dust has settled….

Well….what a couple of weeks it’s been….I’d use the term ’emotional rollercoaster’ but I’m not really a fan of that particular theme park ride so I’m going to go for….er…..what else has twists and turns? Perhaps a Paul Hollywood plaited loaf? Emotional loaf. That’s how I feel.

So. Against all odds (more of which in a mo…) our second album is finally out. To buy. On vinyl. Doesn’t it look purdy?

Tremors & Nosebleeds: The Melodies of a Malady

Tremors & Nosebleeds: The Melodies of a Malady

It’s £9.99 and comes with a free download code – you can purchase it here: (you can get it from iTunes, Amazon and all that too but it doesn’t look as nice as this does…)

Basically (and to cut a very long story short) we were originally promised the album was going to be baked (like Hollywood’s loaves again…), pressed and delivered the week before Record Store Day and in more than enough time for our album launch.

How wrong we were.

On the delivery date we were suddenly informed by the European pressing plant (I shan’t mention any names…) that we wouldn’t be receiving the records for another month! This pretty much rendered the whole shebang a wee bit pointless and, as might be expected, many swears were flung into the surrounding silence….


Up stepped a hero of a man, who did an absolutely Herculean job at wrenching us – battered, bruised and weeping – up from the gutter. Tim at Sound Performace. What an absolute legend. He worked tirelessly non-stop for us and pretty much cut, pressed and manufactured a record in a week. Outstanding. Our gratitude to him is endless. Many, many phone calls, emails, favours, handshakes, winks and secret nods were deployed and….Friday night (the night before Record Store Day) the band were in production plant mode gluing labels on, popping inlays in and printing off download codes left right and centre at our Pie & Vinyl Headquarters. DIY til we die. I want to thank all the P&V staff there for their help in the matter too…we couldn’t have done it without you. Steve, Rob, Rob, Roberta, Lydia & Kirsty. Thankyou.

No sleep and plenty of worried hours meant that things were pretty fraught in the camp for a while….a happy ending was much needed and by jingo we got it. First with the success of RSD at P&V where we played an instore acoustic set alongside Band of Skulls…(followed by an ace evening at The Registry where the documentary Last Shop Standing was shown featuring our own Pie & Vinyl peeps…)

The cue outside Pie & Vinyl while we played

The queue outside Pie & Vinyl whilst we played…

then….at our album launch at The Wedgewood Rooms on the Sunday night. It couldn’t have gone any better. I won’t forget that gig for a long time. We’ve played that particular venue a fair few times over the years in various bands but we’ve never actually headlined our own night there so it was a definite tick off the list. Cheers to Geoff at The Wedge for his help. The support bands were all absolutely incredible too. Revere, Hall of Mirrors, Billy Vincent, The Boy I Used to Be and Rich Keam. All of them friends from the last few years of touring around the UK. Everyone mucked in to help us make the place look nice and turn it into a bit of a different event than your normal, everyday gig too…

Amongst good company...

Amongst good company…

My incredible wife and her incredible cakes...

My incredible wife and her incredible cakes…

Roberta (of the ace band Curxes and P&V fame...) sold some of her excellent prints - she did the RSD and launch poster designs...

Roberta (of the ace band Curxes and P&V fame…) sold some of her excellent prints – she did the RSD and launch poster designs n’all…

TBOTB & TBIUTB. Some Bangers chat to Ed of The Boy I Used To Be...

TBOTB & TBIUTB. Some Bangers chat to Ed of The Boy I Used To Be…

Nothing like last minute preparation...the band & chums assembling our vinyl...

Nothing like last minute preparation…the band & chums assembling our vinyl…

Rich Keam and his 'glimmer curtain'...

The marvellous Rich Keam and his self assembled ‘glimmer curtain’…

The aforementioned TBIUTB

The aforementioned TBIUTB bringing the magic…

Lovely London folksters Billy Vincent...

Lovely London folksters Billy Vincent…

If you haven't seen Hall of Mirrors, I suggest you do. Soon.

If you haven’t seen Hall of Mirrors, I suggest you do. Soon.

Sorry Revere - I didn't get a photo of you in action as I realised I'd left a lead we needed for our visuals at home! Here's one of my wife's cakes instead. (Rest assured Revere were amazing)

Sorry Revere – I didn’t get a photo of you in action as I realised I’d left a lead we needed for our visuals at home! Here’s one of my wife’s cakes instead. (Rest assured Revere were amazing)

We played the new album in it’s entirity plus a few choice cuts from our first album and EP’s. Including a ridiculous, comedy Jools Holland-style ‘introductions segment’ where we all played the worst possible thing we could. Not entirely on purpose. Keef’s Jurassic Park solo was a highlight.

Here’s one of our new album tracks ‘Something is Holding Me Down’, filmed by the splendid Ryan (Revere’s visual fella and helper of me-not-knowing-what-I-was doing-with-a-laptop)

A massive thank you to everyone involved once again. Friends, family, staff and random strangers who all assisted us in creating what we hope was a unique and special night. It was to us anyway. HERE’S TO THE NEXT ALBUM EH???? (Hopefully it will be easier than this one…)

Wit & The B of the Bang


ps – as an aside, Mr Rich Keam who opened our show, has made it through to the final 25 applicants out of 600,000 in ‘The Best Jobs in the World’ competition. As part of this, we became his backing band ‘The Tastebuds’ for one night only last week…please have a look at his blog here and give him your support. He deserves it.

DIY til we die…


Here is a video. It’s for a new song of ours. We made it ourselves.

I guess that makes it a single. Is it a single? Do bands still release singles? I’ve heard folks in the know talk of ‘impact dates’ and ‘release schedules’ but I don’t suppose we’ll be troubling the charts much. 

Still…it’s nice to look at something innit?

If you don’t like looking at things you can always just listen to it here:

There is a day in April that is devoted to all things vinyl. Well…not all things vinyl…it’s not an appreciation of vinyl flooring or tiles or ‘owt weird like that. It is a celebration of those wonderful things we call ‘records’ (or as I overheard a kid say at a festival merch-stand last year to his Dad ‘old-style discs’…) PUT THAT DATE IN YOUR DIARY YEAH?

*message end*


So guitar music is ‘back’ and HMV is ‘gone’ eh?



Strange times we live in……BUT……no stranger than anywhen else in history.


Yes it’s sad HMV seems to be on the verge of disappearing from our high street but have you been in there in the last few years? Unless you want Beats headphones or an overpriced iPod dock it’s slim pickings. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything in there as they generally haven’t stocked for a while:


a) much in the way of vinyl 

b) CD’s that I might want for under about £15 and…

c) DVD’s that aren’t The Hangover


Hopefully, the few remaining FOPP’s will stay open/be snapped up by someone else and the staff who do know their onions (quite rare in my experience at my local HMV if I’m honest…) go on to work at the independent record shops that might hopefully spring up and take hold of a market that I definitely believe is still there. One can dream eh?


So, say a few words in prayer if you want, but don’t mourn long….get yourself down to somewhere like Pie & Vinyl in Southsea and buy your music from knowledgable staff who love what they do. You can spend as much time as you want having a browse (something that I do miss about the HMV of old….)


Right. Next up. Rock music is back is it?


Where has it been then? I’ve read a few reports and listened to some radio articles that generally go along the lines of ‘Mumford and Sons blah blah blah….Keane blah blah…..’ even Scouting for Girls were mentioned. Yes you read that right.


Now, I don’t care whether you have guitars, samplers, banjo’s, theremins, violins, tubas or you’re an Aboriginal acapella throat-singing quartet. Good music is good music. I have nothing against any of those bands mentioned above but something that unites them all is the fact that they are in no way ‘rock’. Whatever that means.


I understand that these things go in cycles and every 5 or 6 years the industry needs to ‘stay fresh’ (hmmmm…) and change it’s focus to sell more product. I also understand that, as pop and R&B has been dominant in the charts for a while that guitar bands in the background have perhaps been free to make music that might be less commercial and a wee bit more experimental but……and here’s the twist…THIS IS ALWAYS HAPPENING. ALL THE TIME. CONSTANTLY. 


Go and watch bands in the town you live in. I guarantee you’ll still see plenty of Strats, Les Pauls and Teles. You will also see a few laptops, synthesisers and samplers. Many of them will be making good music regardless of whether it’s trendy or flavour of the month. Lot’s of them will have been doing so for some time. Of course there will be a load of chaff to weed through but that, my friends, has always been the case and will never change. 


So. To surmise. The moral of this Aesop’s fable is…..


1) If you like music, keep buying it however you choose to consume it. Preferably from somewhere that will benefit from your hard-earned dosh. 

2) Keep going to see the artists you like regardless of whether you’ve been told to or not. Preferably from a venue that has great bookers and cares about who it puts on.

3) If you can’t find any music you want to buy or bands you want to see then pick up a guitar or a laptop and start making it yourself. 


Good luck.