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Hallo there

Being in a band can be a lot of things – invigorating, exciting, liberating, sexually arousing, annoying, incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking – but, ultimately – it’s never boring. This weekend just past proved that with aplomb. I love the word aplomb. Aplomb. Say it. Brilliant.

Friday was the usual ups and downs of playing in London involving a car crash en route (a fairly minor one but still one that wrote off our Ox’s car and meant we had to use a guitar lead to tie the boot shut to get to the gig…) and the standard, minimalistic London crowd. We played well though and it was a good warm up for the next days show which is probably in my top few of recent times….

Victorious Festival was organised by some of the fellows that run a couple of the decent boozers in Southsea – namely Little Johnny Russels and The Belle Isle (Fact #1 – I was the first person to play a gig in LJR’s when it opened….check me out…) and it’s always nice to be involved with something that brings together all the best bits about living in our community. The independent spirit shone through the whole weekend and it was pretty much a roaring success. I even finally got to see Reef!!! (Fact #2 – my first ever gig as a pimply young nipper should have been Reef at Southampton Guildhall and I bought 3 tickets off a tout…silly….only to give the 2 real ones to mates I’d gone with….mates who didn’t know who Reef were….mine was fake and I had to go home….alone…..sniff sniff…..lesson learned though….)

Anyway – our set drew a great crowd and having a decent sound system for a change really does help us with all our silly instrumentation etc…here’s a pic by our Retrospective Soundtrack Playing chum (and trumpeteer on ‘Chemikals’) Pauly B:

Victorious Pic 1 (pb)

Sexy hat eh? EH?


The rest of the day was spent catching up with chums and wandering about enjoying the delights of Portsmouth Dockyard…the wonderful old ships of the Mary Rose, the Warrior & the Victory are certainly beautiful backdrops for a festival. Special mention also goes to All About Tea for supplying their top notch Portsmouth Tea blend when the queue for the Ale Tent was too long….oh and Day of the Rabblement sounded great on the acoustic stage too.

Our sexy lovers Pie & Vinyl where also there ‘representin their endz’ with a stall in the Smuggler’s Market. They asked us back on the Sunday to do a ‘secret’ unplugged set for them which was most enjoyable….mainly because rugby player Rob had to ask the Camp Cooks (the excellent on site Drag Queen caterers…) to turn their music off for a bit so myself and Elliott could fumble our way through some songs we rarely play. Here’s a pic by the ace Joe Watson (who did our ‘Wander’ vid and fronts ace hardcore band ‘Attack! Vipers!’):

special friends....and me still looking good in the hat...

special friends….and me still looking good in the hat…

Here too is a wee review from the wonderous (and fantastically named) music blog ‘Call Upon the Author’:

All this good cheer in the air has led me to think should give something back so we’ve made our twin EP’s from a couple of years back FREE to download for a while on our Soundcloud page. ‘

ART DECO’ is full band electric stuff and ‘ART NOUVEAU’ is stripped back acoustic stuff. Have a gander and see what you think. ‘Padre, oh Padre!’ on ‘ART NOUVEAU’ is one of my fave songs we’ve written but…for some reason…we’ve never played it live. Doubt we ever will either. Odd that.

Anyway – here they are for you:


So….finally…..that brings us to our next gig and one of our favourite events on the planet. The mighty Southsea Fest. I think we’re the only band who’s played every single one of these. God that makes us sound like seasoned veterans rather than the clueless amateurs we so successfully seem to portray on a daily basis. Best line-up yet too….

Southsea Fest Line-Up 2013


See you there.






What do Wales, funk, royalty, sex and churches all have in common?

They are all mentioned in this post.

Hallo there

Not written (wrote?) for a bit so here are a few updates for you. Bad news traditionally goes first so….

Alas, our Emily has upped sticks to go back to her homeland/mothership of WelshWales. We wish her all the ruddy best. She will be missed mightily and we’re sad to see her go. Who else will throw drunken slaps around as violently/generously? Well…Rox….BUT….our door is always open so you may well see her pop up now and again at future live dates. Especially if we play in Cymru. So join us in a hearty ‘BYE EM (weep weep)….’!

In a more positive light, we have already demoed 5 songs for the next album so expect to see some newbies in the set from now on. I’m hoping there won’t be as big a gap betwixt releases this time too. The direction of the new material currently seems to be that of a depressed Prince. As in the tiny lord of all things sexy and funky. Not our future monarch Charles. As far I it goes, I’m reliably informed that he is unaware of both sex and funk.

Annnnnnnnnd last but not least, here’s some live dates where you’ll be able to catch a few of those aforementioned spangly new numbers. Particularly excited to be playing with The Smoke Fairies in a church next week. They’re fantastic artists and our paths over the years as bands are bizarrely intertwined. Theirs is liberally sprinkled with success, laughter, fame and Jack White…ours is grimly dribbled with chaos, tears, obscurity and Jack Malpas-Coker. But intertwined they are none the less. Buy me a drink and ask me about it somewhen and I’ll tell you why. (Disclaimer. You may want to reconsider that as the story will be long, meandering and actually quite dull.)


SAT 6th JULY – Black Heart, Camden (Hall of Mirrors Summer of Psych)

TUE 9th JULY – St Johns Chapel, Chichester (acoustic set w/Smoke Fairies)

FRI 23rd AUG – The Workshop, Old Street, London (UnHappy Birthday Club)

SAT 24th AUG – Portsmouth Dockyard (Victorious Festival)

SAT 14th SEP – Southsea Fest

Turns out I was wrong about our next King of England…




It’s all go-go-go here in BangLand at the mo so not many words today but some pretty pictures and audio for you….

Firstly – we’re playing an acoustic instore set at our lovely headquarters this Saturday 20th April for  – Band of Skulls will be making an appearance too…


Secondly, the day after (Sunday 21st April) we will be having our big album 2 launch gig/mini-festival at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth with support from some of our very favourite bands…it’s going to be a truly special day and we’d love to see you all there….tickets and details available here:

Wit PosterWeb

Thirdly, we’ve been announced to play at the splendid looking Victorious Festival in August alongside The Cribs, Maximo Park, Nine Black Alps, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Mike Skinner, Katy B…..and more excitingly….LEVEL 42! Yes indeed.


Fourthly (I know…!), our new album will be out Monday 22nd April (although we will have vinyl on us for Record Store Day and the album launch) and it has had a couple of lovely early reviews here:

AND FINALLY…..our very own Wit appeared on BBC6 Music’s Radcliffe and Maconie Show yesterday cramming in as much info about all the stuff above as possible whilst fulfilling a lifetime ambition appearing on their ace feature ‘The Chain’. His song choice? John Grant’s ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ (from The Walker Brothers ‘Make it Easy on Yourself’ – Ivor Raymonde arranged the strings for it and his son is Simon Raymonde who runs the Bella Union label…which John Grant is on). Listen again here (2 hours 14 minutes in):



Elliott asked me to get the word ‘belabor’ into this post….

A warm and friendly handshake and hug to you all on this marvellous day in May.

Camp Bang (I think I have that DVD somewhere…mail order only…) is once again brimming feverishly with excitement – I don’t want to belabor on at you all but OUR ALBUM IS FINISHED, HONESTLY GUV….we just want to get it sounding as good as we possibly can, and, when you’ve laboured on something for as long/intensely/lovingly/loathingly/obsessively as we have, a month or so more to get it sounding, what I believe ‘da kidz’ call, ‘phat’ is small change really.


Our next gig is headlining the second stage at The Victorious Vintage Festival, Portsmouth Dockyard on Sunday 3rd June. Jubilee weekend innit and it’s free too so a lovely time should be had by all. We’re playing at the same time as The Lightning Seeds but fortunately no-one’s likely to have heard of them so you’ll all be watching us eh? Good.

Here’s a piccie of our recent Record Store Day unplugged set at our very favourite place in all the land. Pie and Vinyl. They only sell….well…you’ve probably guessed but as they are two of my very favourite things it really is a heavenly establishment. The Word magazine came down and did a little piece – I recommend you all go and see them as the guys who run it are genuine, lovely and knowledgable. What are you waiting for?